Aren't there enough MP3 frontends out there?

Yes. I shouldn't have done it. I've polluted the universe with yet another MP3 player frontend. And it's not even very different from one that's allready out there. I appologize.

So why did I release this?

I began modifying Mike Oliphant's DigitalDJ because I wanted to change the way a few things worked. As I worked on simple things, I got frustrated with the organization of the source code, and began moving all that around, too. The true hope that I have in releasing the work that I have done with this code to the world is that by making the code easier to browse and modify, I can open up the development of a nice database enabled MP3 frontend to a new community of developers. I don't think that's a run-on sentence, but it sure sounds like one.

So where do I get it?

At the project's sourceforge page!